About Maria Savchenko

One beautiful summer day in eastern Ukraine, Maria was standing in front of a big crowd holding a pair of scissors in her hands. The blades were dull, and to her embarrassment she couldn't cut the stubborn red ribbon to open the art exhibition in the fine art museum of her hometown, where her picture called Our country house was displayed at the entrance. She was the youngest artist-to-be exhibited, she was 5. Maria ended up tearing the ribbon, thus turning a simple exhibition opening into a happening.

Later, she began a full academic art endeavor, starting with pencil, shading, and composition and evolving to elusive watercolors, acrylic and oil, sculpturing and color theory. On her artistic journey, she has attended some of the most prestigious schools in Europe, including the University of Arts London.

While employing a variety of artistic techniques, with each piece she is seeking to make a powerful statement. Maria's abstract paintings render a fresh look and a novelty approach to what a modern artist can achieve, setting aside limitations and channeling the inspiration she draws through extensive observation and inner reflection.

Maria's creations are now displayed in private collections in four continents, and soon may be bringing inspiration to your home or office too! All original paintings are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity to ensure that you are acquiring a unique piece created by the artist.

There's more than one way to cut a ribbon!